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Thinking of Fear

Old, dead, gnarly tree with a young bush growing onto it

I have been thinking about what scares us lately. How does it feel? What makes us scared?

As a mom, there are a million fears all related to children and their future.

There’s also fears that are coupled with anxiety. Will the catwalk give way and send me plummeting to the cement floor below? Will I fall out the window when I clean out the sill from the inside?

To shirk ominous clouds off me, I remind myself: I am afraid of flying, yet I took the plane; I am afraid of new places, yet I went to a place I had never seen before. Because of this, I saw things I never would have seen. Like the gnarly old tree with the bush growing on it, the faces I see in the branches both dead and alive.

Fear. Something to think about. Something to overcome.