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Story Behind Bubble Fusion

I have been writing poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and children’s stories for many years. During those years, I rarely let anyone see it. However, my friends did see some of it and encouraged me to continue writing. My friend and child’s dance teacher introduced me to Melinda Cochrane. Melinda co-edited Bubble Fusion and kept me on track to complete the book.

Why would I write about a personal topic? Why would I want anyone to read about those emotions or about my journey? I asked myself these questions repeatedly while I wrote the collection of poems. After all, no two people and no two reactions are the same. In the end, it was clear. I did this to help parents who have just found out their child has special needs, help people who have been living a similar experience for a few years already regardless of whether they are a parent or not, to sensitize everyone to what other people might be going through, and to bring hope.

Bubble Fusion is now available for pre-order by contacting me at Pre-ordered copies come with a personalized autograph.