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Normal Is Not the Same for Everyone

Summer Forest with Leaves on Path

The media keeps saying how trying these times are. It’s repeated on the radio, the TV, social media. I can only wonder if maybe, just maybe, it is just a matter of a larger section of society being forced to live the way a smaller section of society prefers.

Let’s say the larger section of society thrives on running around, making noise, being surrounded by as many people as possible.

Let’s also say the smaller section feels best taking it slower, enjoying what is around them, immersing themselves in calm and quiet, communicating with those they feel necessary, living more in solitude.

Usually, the smaller section has no choice but to integrate with the larger section.

Right now, the larger section has no choice but to integrate with the smaller section, to live like them.

If these are truly trying times, then imagine what it is like for those people who prefer living like this, quietly alone, year after year after year. Their lives must have been exhausting; only now can they breathe.

Not everyone follows the same path.