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Book Signing at the First Annual Ottawa Book Expo

Table that displayed Bubble Fusion, bookmarks, and postcards

Last Sunday, I packed up some copies of Bubble Fusion, some bookmarks, snacks, and whole bunch of homemade mints. I got in the car with my oldest daughter and drove off to Ottawa in the darkness before the sun rose. OK. Let’s clarify that last part. Yes, it was dark when we left, but it’s always dark at 6:00 am in October around here.

Anyway, off we went with a GPS that didn’t know how to find Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. We had to enter an address that was further up the street on Queen Elizabeth Driveway. I worried that relying on an ancient GPS that gets lost just going to the Laurentians was not the best idea.

Thanks goodness we have something nowadays called Google Maps! I printed out those directions and brought them with us. Any discrepancies? Oh yeah. My daughter and I looked at each other and decided to listen to the print out. Excellent decision. With only one left-hand turn and two right-hand turns, we found Lansdowne Park.

I met many wonderful and interesting people! The organizers, the fellow authors at the different booths, and the people representing different companies were all so friendly.

As for the people who came to the Expo, well, they were incredible, too. Most were from the Ottawa area, I’m sure, but there were a few exceptions. There were people from as far away as Holland who showed up! Yes! Holland! People from Montreal also drove down to Ottawa for the event!

I would love to thank all the people who stopped by my table, shared their stories with me, and enjoyed my daughter’s homemade mints. I enjoyed every single last story you shared with me.